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Table Focus Groups - 2019 Bike Summit

During this session, attendees will pick a subject and go to the table for that topic. You can move to other table topics at any time during the session. Here is a list of topics. Note that other topics may be added depending on the interest.

New rider – gaining confidence on the streets and trails

This group will discuss ways that riders can ride more safely on streets with traffic, as well as ways to build your confidence when riding where cars are traveling.

Your Focus Leaders

John McClure

John is a retired educator. He is a League Certified Instructor. 
Holly Gordon

Holly is a Healthy Living Consultant, helping city governments in Pottawatomie County with their health and wellness policies. She has a passion for riding; gravel, road, and socially.

State Bike Calendar Coordination

This focus group will help various cycling organizations across the state to coordinate their t-shirt ride dates to limit a club from overlapping their event with other club's event.

Your Focus Leader:

Mary Cash

Mary is a longtime advocate for cycling in Oklahoma, serving on the BikeOklahoma board. She has been a continual organizer for the Oklahoma Bike Summit.

Mary is an owner of Coopers Bicycle Center in Stillwater.

Health benefits of cycling

This focus group will introduce you to the various ways that cycling can improve your health and happiness, while at the same keeping you safe.

Your Focus Leader:

Meredith Bailey

Meredith is a Physical Therapist at Physical Therapy Central in Shawnee
Bonnie Winslow - session host

Bonnie is the past President of Bike Oklahoma and is the current chair of the Marketing Committee.  She volunteers at bike-related events like the bike/pedestrian community counts, Streak, and OK Freewheel.  She's assisted with planning and presenting four Ok Bike Summits including this current one.  She also was part of the effort to get Route 66 designated as a U.S. Bike Route in Oklahoma.  Bonnie considers herself a bike tourist enjoying multiple day rides throughout the country. Her next goal is to ride through Quebec next summer.  

Starting a youth “Bike Club”

Attend this focus group to learn how to start up a “Bike Club” at a school.

Bike Club is an after school program for youth to cycle together, building strength and bike handling skills.
Bike Club teaches elementary and secondary school children how to safely use a bike for transportation and recreation.

The mission of Bike Club is to inspire, educate, facilitate and support young people in developing transit self-determination, physical health, self-awareness, and emotional stability through informed and experiential study of vehicular cycling. Club participants see a positive change in their mental, physical, and emotional health, while having a lot of fun and making relationships with adult mentors.

Your Focus Leaders:

 Tegan Malone Jason Horton   Adam Vandenburg  Alyssa Lutz
 former president, Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship; organizer, Bike Club OKC,
Board member: BikeOkla,
 Tulsa Tulsa  Alyssa is a sitting board member for the non profit Cycles for Life.  Alyssa, a former elementary school teacher, has a passion for  cycling and for helping youth. she began cycling and entered a few triathlons for fun and was hooked. She began racing mountain bikes and competing in XTerra Off road Triathlons in 2018.  She earned two National National Champion awards, one in 2018 XTerra Triathlon and one in 2019 at Gravel Grinder 100 Mile National Championships.  

Applying for Bicycle Friendly Community, Business, University

The Bicycle Friendly Community program provides a roadmap to improving conditions for bicycling and guidance to help make your community's vision for a better, bikeable community a reality.

Bikes are good for businesses and their employees. Through our Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB℠) program, employers are recognized for their efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers and the community.

The Bicycle Friendly University (BFU℠) program recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff and visitors. The BFU program provides the roadmap and technical assistance to create great campuses for cycling.

Your Focus Leader:

Bill Nesper
Executive Director - League of American Bicyclists
Kevin Mussett
Session Host

Meet your congressmen, council member.

This focus table will give you a chance to meet your local representatives. Share your thoughts and learn more about the governmental process.

Your Focus Representatives:

Carol Bush
Representative - District 70
Jason Dunnington
Representative - District 70
James Cooper
Oklahoma City Council - Ward 2
JoBeth Hamon
Oklahoma City Council - Ward6

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