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To promote safe bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation statewide through advocacy and education
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Rails to Trails

Benefits of Rails to Trails

In this section you will find:

    Benefits of Outdoors Recreation

    The major benefits of Rails to Trails in Oklahoma
        -Transportation / Livability
        -Conservation / Environment
        -Economy / Revitalization
        -Historic Preservation / Community Identity

    Oklahoma Recreational Trails Plan

    A story of success: Missouri

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Current Culture of Rails to Trails in Oklahoma

In this section you will find:

  - The history of rail trail culture in Oklahoma
  - Legislative Resolution 1080 - No Trail for You
  - Governor Walters was against Rail Trails
  - The Railroad Lobby
  - But Wait - The Secretary of the Interior encourages Rail Trails
  - Rail Banking - How to keep from losing abandoned rails lines 
  - And yet.. who owns the land when it is abandoned 
  - A Question of Liability
  - Recent Rails to Trails Legislation in Oklahoma

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Going Forward - How to promote Rail Trails in Oklahoma

In this section you will find suggestions for moving forward:

1. Preserve rail right-of-way as an asset for the economic benefit and security of the people of Oklahoma. 

2. Release owners of right-of-way  and adjacent landowners from liability. 

3. Clearly define permitted uses, i.e. hiking, cycling, equestrian, and prohibited uses, i.e. motorized vehicles (except for maintenance), hunting. 

4. Encourage partnerships between railroad companies, state agencies (ODOT, ODTR), metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) i.e. ACOG & INCOG, local communities, non-profits (Land Legacy), and private citizens to plan, build, maintain rail trails across jurisdictional boundaries.

Recommendations from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

And see examples of successful Rail Trail projects.

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Rails to Trails

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