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To promote safe bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation statewide through advocacy and education

Oklahoma Department of Transportation Active Transportation

 For ODOT information: Active Transportation in Oklahoma
 Shelby Templin is the current Bike/Ped. Coordinator

The ODOT BPAC held it's first meeting February 4, 2015 at the ODOT headquarters in OKC.

Below are the members in attendance:                            


Jessica Scott

Bike / Ped Coordinator

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Keri Blumer

Tourism Champion

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

Kate Brady

Associate Transportation Planner

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments

Laura Chaney

MPO & Air Quality Coordinator

Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Bill Elliott

Board Member

Oklahoma Bicycle Society

John Friedl

Center for the Advancement of Wellness

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Samantha Harcrow

Highway Safety Program Manager

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

Kevin Musset

Board Member

Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition

Richard Rogalski

Planning Director

City of Lawton

James Wagner

Transportation Programs Coordinator

Indian Nations Council of Governments


The first meeting was mainly an introduction of the members and a determination of the organizational style it will use. Since this group was not formally created by an act of the legislature, and there is no funding, it was decided to organize as a consensus style.


The purpose of the group is to collect issues relating to cycling and walking within the state, review and consolidate those issues, and route them to the appropriate department within ODOT. It will also serve as a resource for ODOT staff as they encounter bike and walking design issues.  


A couple of items already on the radar for the council is Rumble Strip placement, and publishing a bike route map of Oklahoma.


The council will meet quarterly, or more often as needed.


As you think of other items that this council should work on, you can send those ideas to You can also contact Jessica Scott, our ODOT Bike/Ped Coordinator at

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