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Oklahoma City, OK 73112-1321
To promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and a bicycle-friendly Oklahoma through advocacy and education.
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BikeOklahoma and BikeOK are the new names for Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition, the statewide all volunteer bicycling advocacy group established in the early 1990’s. You have already seen us begin using these new names and the early edition of our new logo on our website ( and our Facebook page (BikeOklahoma).

You can expect to see more activity from BikeOK as we expand our 15-member volunteer Board of Directors, grow our dues paying membership, increase our transparency with regular public board meetings and promote cycling advocacy at more bicycling events throughout Oklahoma.

  BikeOklahoma’s mission remains the same: To promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and a bicycle-friendly Oklahoma through advocacy and education.

  You can help BikeOklahoma by becoming a member today for only $20 a year and by giving us your comments regarding our mission.

 Announcing New ODOT

Bike/Ped Coordinator

Welcome to Shelby Templin. Shelby will be representing cyclists
and walkers at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

2018 Legislative Bills

HB2191 amends existing state law regarding motorists passing a bicyclist. The minimum safe passing distance is increased to five feet. On multi-lane roads (two or more lanes in each direction) motorists are required to completely change lanes to pass a bicyclist. Fine for colliding with or causing a bicyclist to crash is increased to $1000. Fine for collisions resulting in the death of a bicyclist is increased to $10,000.
Click HERE to see the text in HB2191




You can create your own bill track at to follow the progress of these bills and be notified of committee meetings and votes.


Its never too early to make contact with your legislators and let them know what you want!

Try this link to find your representative:

And here is the link to find your Senator:



Thanks to Pete Kramer and Kevin Mussett for this great info!

Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition is changing to BikeOklahoma

In an effort to better reflect the purpose of the statewide bicycle advocacy organization, OBC is changing to BikeOklahoma.

Old Logo
New Logo

For a while you may still see OBC listed, but over time you will see the new branding.

Oklahoma Cycling Report Card

The League of American Bicyclists has published their annual ranking of states for Oklahoma.
To read the report card: click HERE    For information about the ranking process: click HERE
And to see how Oklahoma stacked up to all other states: Click HERE

Just Out:  Report on the Importance of Bike Safety

A Right to the Road: Understanding & Addressing Bicycle Safety goes way beyond training bicyclists to ride safer.

Funded through a grant by State Farm Insurance and prepared by Governors’ Highway Safety Organization, this report reinforces what some government agencies are beginning to realize and implement - that formally educating the motorist as well as cyclists, engineering better facilities, and creating and enforcing bicycle friendly laws, are key to decreasing bike-related crashes and fatalities.

This report is worthy of reading cover to cover, and sharing with your local government and representatives, bike clubs, and fellow bike advocates.  

Bike Friendly Businesses

Did you know that Oklahoma has eight League of American Bicyclist’s (LAB) recognized Bike Friendly Businesses? 

These are workplaces that create a bike friendly environment for its employees. 

Based on 4 of the 5 “E’s”, Encouragement, Education, Engineering, and Evaluation, employees are provided such benefits as:

· showers

· bicycle parking

· bike safety classes

· Sponsorship of cycling teams and group rides

· participation in the National Bike Challenge

· company bike coordinators. 

Beyond encouraging cycling among their employees, many of them support bike advocacy by being members of the Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition (OBC) and supporting sponsored bike events such as the Bike Summit  and Freewheel

By supporting bike friendly businesses, you’re approving their impact on bicycling in Oklahoma. 

More info on LAB’s Bike Friendly Business Awards at: www.bikeleague/business 

Here are the eight Oklahoma Bike Friendly Businesses:

By-Law Changes

Proposed Amendments to

Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition (OBC) By-laws

Posted August 7, 2017. There will be a vote for these proposed changes by the OBC membership, done via email, on Oct. 1, 2017. Deletions marked with cross-through, additions are underlined.



Add new language providing for dispersal of assets in case of OBC dissolving as a corporation.  This amendment provides guidance to the board in dispersal of OBC assets.  The Bylaws address other fiscal concerns, but not this one.

Article 7- Miscellaneous

7.5 Dispersal of Assets.  In the eventof dissolution of the corporation, all assets will be transferred to a qualified 501-c-3 organization.


Click HERE for details

OBS Annual Meeting

Jan. 8th at Pops

ODOT Grant Funds Available

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant available through the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. It is open to any community, school district, tribal government, regional transportation authority, transit agency, natural resource or public land agency, or other local or regional entity with responsibility for oversight of transportation or recreational trails program outside of the ACOG and INCOG urbanized boundary. A match of 20% local to 80% federal is required for the project. This year, the funding cap has been increased to $700,000. This grant is available for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safe routes for non-drivers, conversion of abandoned railway to trail corridors, scenic turnouts and overlooks, outdoor advertising management, historic preservation and rehab of historic transportation facilities, vegetation management, archaeological activities, storm water mitigation, and/or wildlife management.


The application process is all online and NOW OPEN. Please share this information with any community or entity you know of that might be interested in pursuing this opportunity. I am available for any questions you, or the community/entity, might have.

Click HERE for more details

Welcome new OBC Board Members

The following three persons have been added to the OBC Board.
Darla Bennett - Muskogee Ken Graham - Tulsa Trevor Steward -Freewheel
Ken Graham
 Click  OBC Board for more info.

Oklahoma's first Bicycle Friendly Business announced

Congratulations to Allegiance Credit Union for being recognized as the state's first Bicycle Friendly Business. Cyclist Amy Downs is an officer of the credit union and submitted the application for B.F.B. The L.A.B. announced on Dec 10 that Allegiance was awarded the Bronze designation - quite a feat for a first time applier.

OBC Annual All Member Board Meeting – Sunday, December 6th, 2015  

Location:  800 W. Sheridan, Suite 400  Oklahoma City, Ok.   

Times:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Snacks provided

Agenda items will include:  Legislative action update; Bike Tourism Economic Study; ODOT Bike/Ped Advisory Council Update; and other items.

Oklahoma Bike Summit – 2015

What a great summit this year!  Most of the presenters were home-grown, speaking on topics that are relevant to bicyclists across Oklahoma.  ODOT Deputy Director, Tim Gatz, was the opening speaker.  ODOT’s presence alone made attending the summit worthwhile.  Tim stuck around all day to respond to audience members’ questions and concerns.  State Representative Lewis Moore received OBC’s first Bicycle Advocacy Award.  Representative Moore was responsible for establishing two historic bike routes, Route 66 and the Chisholm Trail.  He has also been instrumental in bringing the bicycling community and ODOT together, leading to a bike/pedestrian advisory council and full time bike/ped coordinator.  And for the finale - a perfect fall day for a bike tour around Stillwater.  

Oklahoma Bike Summit


The Oklahoma Bike Summit is rapidly approaching.  Have you registered for this premier event being held in Stillwater, November 13th and 14th ?   The Summit is bringing together Oklahoma transportation specialists, planners, engineers, advocates and bicyclists to share and discuss best practices for bike safety and planning, health and economic benefits of bike programs, and becoming a bicycle friendly community, university, or business.  The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is co-hosting the Summit with the Deputy Director Tim Gatz speaking Friday morning.  Summit information may be found at:   Don’t forget that OBC members receive a discount on registration fees.  

OK Bike Summit scholarships
A generous sponsor has provided 10 scholarships for the Bike Summit 

Deadline to submit is Oct 30, the OK Bike Summit board will decide and notify recipients by Nov 5.

Download the PDF file HERE .
OK Bike Summit

Update on Bike Service on Heartland Flyer


In case you haven’t seen this update.  Amtrak has provided information regarding their newly restored service at their website.  More info at:

Instructions for bringing your bike on the train: click HERE

ODOT Long Range Transportation Plan.

  Click HERE to see the strategies for cycling and pedestrians.

 Oklahoma Bicycling Coalition and the 2015 Bike Summit

Perhaps the most exciting news is OBC’s involvement with the 2015 Bicycle Summit.  This year we’re a full partner providing substantial funding and personal involvement with the Summit's planning and execution.  Focusing on smaller Oklahoma communities, this two day event will highlight success stories and how to achieve success through a more robust bicycling program. 


The Summit is being held at the Stillwater Community Center, November 13th and 14th. For the first time, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is helping host. We invite our members, community planners and officials, and all cyclists to attend.  

A discount is available for OBC members and early registration.  Bike clubs and organizations can get a group admission. You can support the Summit as corporate sponsor or individual donor by visiting Registration at  Any bike related items you might wish to donate toward the silent auction would also be appreciated. All donations are tax deductible!


OBC is a state-wide advocacy and educational organization.  As issues emerge in the legislature or local communities, we’re here to educate, promote and at times defend bicyclists’ rights and welfare.  Stay tune as we determine and implement our 2015-2016 legislative and governmental goals.   

 House Bill 1761 - requiring reflecting clothing

It was announced that on Feb. 24th, 2015 that Rep. Enns has withdrawn the bill to require reflective clothing on cyclists. Thanks to all of those that contacted your legislator, your actions made a big impact to preserving cycling in Oklahoma.


Anti-texting bills before Legislature

Perhaps this year will be the year that the State Legislature will pass an anti-texting law. There’s quite a selection to consider as eight laws have been introduced. Governor Mary Fallin supports some form of an anti-texting law as mentioned in her State of the State address. For a short summary of each proposed bill visit Legislative Watch.  OBC encourages you to contact your representative on any of the proposals.

 Update on Texting While Driving Interim Study

The Oklahoma House Public Safety Committee conducted an Interim Study on Texting While Driving on October 7th, 2014.  About a dozen people presented why there should be an anti-texting ban.  No one presented that texting should be allowed.  The committee seemed acceptable to the facts and evidence.  Their questions directly related to texting, internet surfing, and emailing while driving.  The committee members did not pursue questions such being distracted by listening to the radio or having conversations with passengers. The Wichita, Kansas Chief of Police testified that crash rates had gone down in his city after an anti-texting law was passed. In the past legislators have brought up studies indicating that the anti-texting ban seemed to have no affect on crash rates. 

As the study was a fact finding exercise, the committee did not propose any legislative action. However, just conducting a study is a positive step.  Perhaps the 2015 legislature will finally allow Oklahoma to join the ranks of 44 states banning texting while driving.  

ODOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Council

The ODOT BPAC held it's first meeting Feb. 4, 2015. Click Here  for details.


Update: ODOT's Long Range Transportation Plan

ODOT has posted comments received from the June public meetings at

Very thoughtful remarks advocating multi-modal transportation, addressing access and safety.  How the input will effect the plan and the budget needed to implement remains unknown.  OBC will post additional meeting dates as they become available.  The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has initiated the process of developing the 2015-2040 Oklahoma Long Range Transportation Plan. This plan will guide ODOT’s transportation policies for improvements to highways, airport access, rural transit, waterways, rail, and pedestrian and bicyclist travel for the next 25 years. The plan will also address.the state’s goals for safety, accessibility, mobility, freight movement and other economic and quality-of-life concerns. The policy-oriented plan was last updated in 2009-2010 and is required to be reevaluated every five years. Please visit the website at for more information or to submit comments.

 ACOG awards new Transportation Alternatives Funding
June 11, 2014 - The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments awarded $2.8 million in federal Transportation Alternative fundingfor 6 bike/pedestrian projects today. Project dollars were awarded to Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Norman, and Yukon. Projects range from building newtrails to improving pedestrian crossings.Congratulations to the communities receiving funds!ODOT has approximately $19 million in Transportation Alternative funding for communities outside the Tulsa - OKC Metro.Those dollars have yet to be distributed.

ODOT beginning Long Range Transportation Plan

ODOT has begun meeting with stakeholders and the public to develop a 25 year transportation plan.  Stakeholders include members from user groups including bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and passenger rail advocates.  OBC is representing state-wide cyclists.  The plan is scheduled to be completed by April, 2015.  Initial public meetings are being held this week in Muskogee, Moore, and Clinton.  For additional info visit:                    

The League of American Bicyclists publish the Cycling Commuter Report.

Click Here to read the report
Percent of travelers commuting by bicycle:
  • OKC: 0.2%
  • Tulsa: 0.4%
  • Portland OR: 6.1%

Stillwater Program makes roads friendlier for pedestrians, cyclists and buses

Stillwater Transportation Director Jason Peek, Bill Scott, Dan Burden and Stillwater City Planner Tom Kootnz listen to Samantha Thomas of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute explain how street design can help traffic flow and encourage walking by making pedestrians feel safer. Burden and Thomas were in Stillwater last week to perform a walking audit of city streets.
- See more at:Click

April 21, 2014
LAB issues suggestions
for Bicycle Friendly State

April 16, 2014  Statistics on Biking and Walking Released

The Alliance for Biking and Walking has released its 2014 Benchmarking Report on Bicycling and Walking in the United States.   Useful information for bike and health advocates, facility and program planning, and educators.  Be the first on your block to download:  

April 9, 2014 US Bike Route 66 Legislation
A Legislative committee hearing was scheduled for last Wednesday to consider sending SJR13 to the house for a vote. It had already been approved by the Senate last year. At the last minute the bill author ( Rep. Russ ) pulled the bill from consideration, effectively killing it.  It is the opinion of ODOT that approving the bill, and thus designating Route 66 as a U.S. Bike Route would have the effect of making it appear to the public that Route 66 is safe for all levels of bike riders. It is agreed that there are sections of Rt. 66 that may be suitable only for highly experienced riders, like those that are making the LA to Chicago tour. Legislative Watch

OKC and Tulsa Recognized inNational Cycling Magazine
ClickHereto view reprint

National Distracted Driving Month

April is National Distracted Driving Month with several events planned in Oklahoma this week. A recent analysis of accident statistics by the University of Nebraska found cyclists deaths increased 30% from 2005 – 2010 due to distracted drivers.Tulsa event Friday, April 11th.
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Please Don't Pedal and Text